New Year’s “Letter”

Posted by Anita Bondi on January 3, 2012 under Anita Bondi | 6 Comments to Read

This New Year I was not drawn to create resolutions, list goals, or make bold promises. This New Year I am called to live where my feet are at any given moment. Why my feet? One possibility is that they are not my head and in fact are no where near my head. My head, aka my mind, likes to wander, scatter itself all over the place, and muse about a lot of things (don’t get too excited…things like, dust bunnies, grocery shopping, dog pee).

I needed something to bring to my trance dance group last night. We were journal writing and dancing into the New Year. Usually we use a writing prompt brought to us years ago by Patti: Oh 2012, that was the year of ________, and then we write as if the year has already happened.

I was wanting something more (needing something stronger to pull me away from dog pee and firmly plant me in the present moment). But I also wanted something simple, as most people I talk to are feeling too complicated right now.

My InterPlay mentor and teacher, Cynthia Winton- Henry brought the perfect thing (click on her name for the whole blog post). Here is a line from her short, sweet, and seductive suggestion: ” That is why my letter for 2012 is Q for quiet, for quest, for question. may my heart be open. what is your letter for the year?”

Taking her lead, I made a bunch of cards with letters of the alphabet on them and let each participant choose one. I asked them to come up with three words that began with the letter to help guide them into the New Year. Our trance dance is broken into three 20 minutes sections and I invited them to hold one word at a time as an intention and then gave them a few minutes to journal or draw between each dance segment.

We also had some time at the beginning to write using our “old” writing prompt and our “new” alphabet letter invitation. Surprisingly or serendipitously (is that a word?) I also chose the letter “Q”. Here is the beginning of my journal entry:

Oh, 2012, that was the year of possibility, of Quivering into the Quiet Question and knowing, YES!

Here is a picture of the letters that did not get chosen last night. Pick one and let me know what your letter is for the year!

Here’s to living where our feet are planted in every moment of 2012!

  • muz4now said,

    Beautiful Anita, I am always impressed at the way your mind works and the brilliant ways you are able to express yourself. Thanks for this gift!

    I picked the letter “G” last night. So… “Oh, 2012, that was the year that I was Grateful because I was Gifted with Gladness.”

    Playful blessings and love,

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  • Carolyn CJ Jones said,

    Great post, Anita! I love your sharing of your mind’s meanderings. And I love the exercise you created with the letters.

    I picked “D” for Divine, dedicated, and devoutly. In 2012, I will be devoutly dedicated to the path which my Divine power reveals to me.

  • anita said,

    thanks carolyn for checking in and for sharing. D is a great letter….
    and thanks for sending me a copy of your wonderful book!
    i am grateful to you and to susan f. for bringing us together. here’s to sojourning together devoutly dedicated to the Divine in our days!

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