Saying goodbye to Mandala Design Works

Posted by muz4now on May 12, 2012 under Anita Bondi, Marci Molina, Stan Stewart, Susan Bradford | Be the First to Comment

We have some very important news to share with you!

When we formed Mandala Design Works (MDW) we were a circle of friends – four artists living and working in the town of Delaware Water Gap. Our lives and our art were intertwined.
This collective was an extension of all that.

Now four years later much has changed and MDW is dissolving.
Since a circle truly has no beginning and no end, that is true for our circle as well. We want to thank you for all the support and love you have given us and invite you to follow our next individual adventures.

You will no longer be receiving blog posts or emails from Mandala Design Works but we would love to keep in touch with you.
Please click on the following links and sign up to continue the circle.

Anita Bondi
Susan Bradford
Marci Molina
Stan Stewart

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