Six word memoir

Posted by Anita Bondi on April 3, 2012 under Anita Bondi | 10 Comments to Read

I am a seeker. I seek inside myself and I also look to the outside world for support, affirmation, and communion. I am a maker, as Tom Mann said at the recent workshop I attended. I make things with my hands, with my body, and with my heart. In an article I read yesterday in O magazine, the author asked us to sum up our lives in 6 words. A six word memoir did not seem as daunting as writing a whole book. Actually, it might be more difficult. How to sum up a life in 6 words? Oprah, said that she just did hers for this time in her life. Whew! That seemed much easier. It wasn’t.

I had to go off to the jewelry bench and make something that symbolized the internal seeker and the external maker.

Here is what i came up with:It is a vessel, a sacred holding space for all that lives inside, with an open, yet protective way to interact with what is outside.

Or something like that. It is still in process. It did help me with my memoir though. I am choosing to share it with you in the hopes that you will share yours with me.

Opening to Beauty and Inspiration daily.

Your turn! Thanks for being on the path with me.

Mandalas Abound

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I really like it when life shows me mandalas.

We went to Port Townsend last week, met some friends from Canada, and had a little get-away. Lovely company, wonderful food and wine, brisk walks all around this historic Victorian town, and an excursion to Fort Worden State Park where the movie An Officer and a Gentleman was filmed.  Nice to see a military base that is no longer in use!

We stayed in a two-bedroom apartment right in the middle of town and could walk everywhere.  What a great find!  Full kitchen, wood stove, fresh flowers on the table when we arrived, right next to a garden, tons of privacy, our own little deck that no one else could see.  I was ready to move in!

But perhaps my favorite thing was the mandala in our bedroom.  Beautiful, inspiring, uplifting.  All that a proper mandala should be.

Let me bloom

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My dad dug the hibiscus stump out of the recycling a few years ago and gave it to me.  “I couldn’t let it die there”, he said. I felt the same way and have carefully nurtured it and keep it through the severe winters of the Northeast. Every summer the first bloom from it still makes me gasp!

The flowers only live for one day so i usually pick them and try to live up to their beauty, their colorfulness, their grace. They are right out there with all of it, and today, I will be too! Why not join me?

Let your beauty show today. Wear the “true you” proudly.

Let your colorfulness out today.  Wear orange or red and smile at strangers. (okay, be careful if you live in a BIG city!)

Let your grace live today.  Wear “it” instead of your stress.

And, by all means, do stop to smell the flowers.




Poem 0154 for Anita: birthday 9 (everything)

Posted by Stan Stewart (Sawyer) on May 25, 2011 under Stan Stewart | Be the First to Comment

I wish there was one thing that I
Could say to change everything that’s
Not beautiful in your world.bloomin' time
I know there is no such word.

At the same time, I’m tired of
Just “doing my best”. So my gift –
This time — is to notice the things I
Can change to beautify your world.

I’m not even one hundred percent sure
What this means at this moment.
So, like the poet that I am, I jump
Headlong into the metaphor,

Flick away the prosaic moment,
Embrace the romance and passion
And vigor and vitality of this simple saying:
I look for beauty. Where I do not see it,
I seek to create it. With you.

~ by Stan Stewart
Copyright © 2011 by Music for the Moment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Stan Stewart improvises on Brother James’ Aire